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Better than the rest.

Westrun Cleaning offers a variety of services for a diverse group of industries and clients. Whether your needs are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, Westrun offers comprehensive commercial services 24 hours a day. Using the best products to disinfect and sanitize, clients are left with a clean and safe environment that minimizes cross-contamination, preventing sick days for employees and customers!

Westrun Cleaning uses commercial grade products, designed for high traffic commercial buildings. Our equipment is inspected regularly to ensure that there is no damage or unnecessary wear and tear to the building’s surfaces or furnishings.

Floor Maintenance
Floor MaintenanceView Service
Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery
Commercial Carpet Cleaning and UpholsteryView Service
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Commercial Kitchen CleaningView Service
Disinfection and Sanitation Services
Disinfection and Sanitation ServicesView Service
High Level Dusting
High Level DustingView Service
Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
Interior and Exterior Window CleaningView Service
Post Construction Cleanup
Post Construction CleanupView Service
Washroom Maintenance
Washroom MaintenanceView Service
View All Services

Industries we serve.

Westrun is proud to serve many industries. Here’s a sneak peak of just a few.
View our entire Industry Portfolio!


Your guests expect the best, and so should you. With all the different components of hotels, from the lobby to the kitchen, Westrun delivers exceptional service every time. Westrun takes no shortcuts in ensuring your expectations are exceeded, impress your guests with an extraordinary level of cleanliness, and let your hotel sparkle the way it should.

Office Buildings

If you are a professional organization, your office should reflect that. Give a great first impression with Westrun’s Customizable Cleaning Packages. Every client and office is unique with different needs, don’t settle for cookie cutter services – Westrun creates a specific package based on your individual needs. With 24/7 service, Westrun offers the option for overnight cleaning to avoid any distractions and disruptions during work hours.

Industrial Buildings

With great buildings comes great responsibility. Large scale buildings need professional cleaners that can do it all. Westrun offers complete service packages that are essential to the cleanliness of large scale industrial buildings. Industrial cleaning services range from floor maintenance to washroom care and everything in between, Westun is your go-to full service cleaning company.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • We are looking forward to working with Westrun's staff again this coming golf season as our regular daily cleaning contractors.

    Glenn Carr Director of Golf Operations, PGA Canada
  • I would highly recommend Westrun to any future company wishing to hire them. They are highly professional and have done an excellent job for us.

    Alison Hewko Senior Administrative, ProPak
  • Brewsters has been very pleased with the quality of work. I would highly recommend Westrun to any future company wishing to obtain their services.

    Lowell Lanigan Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaruants

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