Eco Friendly Service

Westrun is proud to offer Eco Friendly options for every level of service. The environment is at the forefront of our decision making process and conservation is an integral part of Westrun’s business. The products Westrun utilizes are commercial grade, environmentally conscious products that contribute to a safe, healthy, and high performing workplaces.


Our Environmental Policy Includes:

  • Minimizing hazards to public health
  • Protecting the environment from adverse effects of cleaning practices
  • Complying with all legislated standards and regulations
  • Assessing potential environmental risks
  • Minimizing consumption through the reduction, reuse or recycling of materials
  • Evaluating and monitoring environmental performance to applicable standards
  • Ensuring that all Westrun Cleaning Service employees understand our environmental policy and conform to the high standards required

Westrun is qualified under the Green Building Council’s LEED program, delivering high quality and high performance on the job while improving safety for users, occupants and the environment.

The threat to our environment is real, and Westrun aims to be a positive impact through leadership in Western Canada’s industrial cleaning business.

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