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Cleaning your commercial space properly is crucial in reducing the frequency of sick employees

Are you a sick employee that thinks going to work is heroic? Think again, the real heroes are the commercial cleaners (like us) that kill your germs!

FACT: The flu season is in full swing with influenza outbreaks and hospitalizations.

“If you or your child gets the flu, it’s not a hard question to answer. We always encourage people not to go to work if they’re sick,” Dr. Gerald Evans, a Queen’s University professor and chief of infectious diseases at Kingston General Hospital in an interview with Global News.

Stay Home

A recent poll about employee sick days on Monster Canada’s website found that 1 in 6 Canadians go to work no matter their symptom severity. This isn’t ‘bring your bacteria to work day’, stay home and rest!

In an interview Bhavika Prajapati, a pharmacist and owner of two Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies.

“When you do that, you’re spreading germs and amplifying sickness.”

Productivity in the Workplace

In the province of Alberta there is a hero that works through the day and night to ensure commercial spaces are clean.  There is no job too big, and no bacteria too small.  With all the traffic and people coming through your workspace, there’s bound to be a couple messes here and there.

Some additional resources and tips to help you keep your employees healthy by keeping your commercial space as bug free as possible!

Flu Season – signs you should stay home

Nine in ten employees still come to work when sick

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