The Top 6 Dirtiest Things in the Office

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Don’t Touch That!

In the first 10 minutes of being at work, you’ve already touched the 6 dirtiest things in the office without even knowing it. You get to your desk and turn on your computer to log in; say hi to your co-workers, put the coffee on, and put your lunch into the fridge. Then you’ll come back to your desk and check your phone messages. It’s time to start cleaning. Let’s take a closer look.

1) Your Keyboard

Your keyboard being one of the dirtiest things in the office shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s one of the most touched items in the office, and as a result, it makes the top of our list. Every time you touch your face, nose, phone, and then go back to the keyboard all those germs transfer back onto it. Due to the fact that keyboards are difficult to clean, the germs can live happily while you suffer from their tyranny – so watch out!

Tip: Disinfect your keyboard when you get into work each morning.

2) The Coffee Pot

Everyone loves a good ol’ cup of joe in the morning. But, what you don’t know is that germs love coffee too. More specifically, germs love the handles on coffee pots.  Due to the coffee pot being nice and warm, bacteria love to hang out there. Because pretty much everyone in the workplace will touch the coffee pot at some point, the bacteria can travel anywhere it wants – including your home.

Tip: Wash and disinfect the coffee pot – especially its handle – every day.

3) The Microwave & The Refrigerator 

Let’s get real: between the dishes that need cleaning, and the food left in the fridge, the break room is basically a breeding ground for germs. No surprise here, bacteria loves food. After working for a few hours and touching your keyboard, phone, and desk, and then opening the fridge and the microwave, you’ve set yourself up to become a host for germs. Assuming these are harmless bacteria, it’s mostly just gross to think of microscopic things living on your hands. If they were cute it wouldn’t be as off-putting, but unfortunately, they look like little hairy worms or insects.  If the bacteria on these handles are really viruses, say bye-bye to work, you’ll be at home sick in no time.

Tip: Be aware of the things you touch. Wash and sanitize your hands often.

4) Your Office Phone

The phone rings, you pick it up, and put it against your face. “Hello, this is germs calling, how may I make you sick today?” Whether you have a personal phone, or you share a phone, it’s gross no matter what. It touches your face, your breath and your spit (yes, spit) gets on it, and then you hang it up and someone else uses it… EW. Seriously, how many times have you sanitized your phone? You could probably count them on one hand.

Tip: If you can’t use speaker phone, make sure to clean and sanitize your phone each day, it is just good manners.

5) Your Desk

Your desk, where you spend sitting at 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Let’s think about this for a minute: do you eat snacks at your desk? Don’t deny it – everyone loves snacks. These crumbs attract bacteria! Even a desk that appears to be clean and tidy can host up to 20,000 microscopic bacteria. This number grows if you’re an avid snacker, use makeup at your desk, or even have lotions on your desk.

Tip: Even though you can’t kill ALL the bacteria, start cleaning your desk with disinfecting wipes once a day to maintain a clean workspace.

6) Your Co-Workers

This might be funny to you, but we’re serious. People are the vessel of which germs are carried. We carry germs from our homes into our workspace, and transport them from our desks to, say, the coffee pot? Then there’s the whole viral infection thing. When co-workers come into work sick, everything they touch should be burned. No, we’re kidding! But if your co-worker is sick and doesn’t wash their hands frequently, or they keep touching their face without sanitizing their hands then you should be afraid. Be very afraid. Also, keep your germs to yourself and don’t go to work when you’re sick!

Tip: Invest in hand sanitizer and don’t be afraid to spread the sanitizer love.

Now you know the 6 dirtiest things in the office, you can be paranoid about touching them! Hooray! But don’t worry, this is why we have Gus the Goat, he loves licking up bacteria, and would enjoy doing it for you.

Don’t believe that a goat likes cleaning? Just watch The Epic Saga of Gus the Goat and Wesley to see them in action.

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  • Jenny Stang

    Great post! I particularly enjoy the part about our co-workers being in the top 6 dirtiest things, funny but also true!

  • Tara Molina

    I did not know about the coffee pots…wow that’s an eye opener! Thanks for the post, great read.

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