The Epic Saga of Gus the Goat and Wesley – Commercial Cleaning

 In The Epic Saga of Gus

Commercial cleaning done right, don’t believe us…watch The Lickmaster review our work!

With all the traffic and people coming through your commercial or industrial workspace, there’s bound to be a couple messes here and there. We all know at the back of our minds that our workspaces are dirty, but sometimes we forget just how gross it actually is. Westrun’s commercial cleaning services notice for you and rectify the wrongs made by the villain bacteria! Lucky for you, our team of cleaners are led by the fearless Gus the Goat and Wesley, who aren’t afraid to get dirty.

In this episode of The Epic Saga of Gus the Goat and Wesley, we get a first hand look at how his brave duo commits to the citizens of Alberta to clean up the neighbourhood.

Get a first hand look at how Gus the Goat and his sidekick Wesley work together, or more accurately watch Gus call the shots while Wesley does the dirty work.

These pals are more than just cleaning experts, they’re advocates for a clean and safe workspaces. By cleaning, they’re helping the good citizens of Western Canada avoid sick days, put an end to allergy flare-ups, and make your commercial or industrial space so clean, you could lick the floor.

Get Lickin’

Watch our heroes in action!



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