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Spring Cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite thing. Whether you’re cleaning your office, or cleaning your home, it can be both time consuming, and exhausting. Trust us, we know, we clean 24-7, 365. So instead of fighting to the death with your vacuum this year, we’re going to give you some spring cleaning tips that will make the clean a little bit easier, and will help keep you sane throughout the process.

1. Start from the top & work your way down to the floors.

When you’re cleaning, you don’t want to clean areas twice. The top – down method brings all the dirt, dust, and grime down to the ground, and ready for sweeping. You wouldn’t want to wash your floors and then have to do it all over again, would you? NO! Of course not. Floors should always be the last thing you clean so that the dirt from higher up places doesn’t settle onto your nice clean floor.

2. Get down and dirty with your blinds.

Blinds are a major pain point for many people. They’re delicate, and you don’t want to end up damaging them while cleaning. Use a duster to go in between the blinds. Swiffer Dusters are a great product that lock in dust and allow for easy dusting that will trap it instead of moving it around. Or, you can use your own make-shift way to clean your blinds with ease!

3. Take it one step at a time.

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re in the mindset to clean everything in your path. The trick here is to go one step at a time while cleaning. Choose a room to start in, finish all your tasks in there (remember: top to bottom!), and then move onto the next room. This way, you won’t forget about the little things and you won’t have to backtrack. It’s also a good idea to multi-task.

Tip: Multi-task by doing laundry while you’re cleaning! 

4. Protect your body!

Gloves will protect your hands from drying out, or being damaged from the chemicals of any cleaning products. It’s also beneficial to wear shoes while cleaning, the floor is getting dirty anyways, and this way you won’t get dirt stuck to your feet and end up having to clean your feet before the floors!

At Westrun we promote eco-friendly products. You can even make your own eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Vinegar is a great natural cleaner!

5. Dust, dust, dust!

Dust is everywhere this time of year. When someone has allergies in your home or office, dust is their worst enemy.

Did you know that dust is mostly made up of dead skin particles?

Remember that these dead skin particles are everywhere, so doing a thorough dust in the spring is one of the most important things you can do for your breath! Beginning at the ceiling, work your way down all the way to the baseboards. Get into every nook and cranny. The people with allergies will thank you for purifying the air!

If you’re down in the dumps about having to clean, just remember that it’s time to clean because it’s SPRING! And that is definitely something to celebrate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean from top to bottom.
  • Blinds aren’t as scary as they seem.
  • Divide and conquer.
  • Protect your hands.
  • Get rid of particles that cause allergies.

For Spring Cleaning in your office, no one does it better than Westrun. Our team of highly specialized individuals is used for power washing, high-level dusting, air ventilation, window cleaning, and more! Discover how Westrun can help with your office’s Spring Cleaning initiative. 


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